Your Support Staff


Jessee Scott is currently our office manager, but has served UVS as a kennel technician, a veterinary technician, and a receptionist for over 13 years. Jessee has a wonderful husband and two children. Jessee and her husband grew up on family ranches. They have a passion for their small cattle herds and their family. She has many animals, but she draws the line at reptiles. Jessee loves spending time with her family while working cattle, horseback riding, and exploring the local mountains.



Ben Gamble has been with UVS for 2 years. He serves as the most important part of our team, the janitor. We couldn’t do without him. His favorite animals are cows and horses. He loves to spend his time at cattle auctions and enjoys chatting it up with all the locals. His hobbies include cattle watching, driving, and exploring.

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