Your Groomers

Kychelle Young has been with UVS as a stylist for over 3 years. She grew up here in the Basin and she has two pets, a dog and a cat. Kychelle is very creative and loves to create beautiful artwork in her spare time.

Delia Betts is one of our technicians and recently one of our stylists. She’s been with UVS for over 6 years. Delia is passionate about many things, but especially dogs and cats. She is constantly researching to continue her education on all things pets. She and her husband have three rescued cats and two dogs, Jaz and Zulu. They also are keepers of four ducks, 16 hens, and two roosters. Delia also enjoys crafty projects and adores Pinterest. She has a bit of shopping habit and a day in the city with some cash is heaven! She is involved with our local rescue groups and does a lot of fundraising work for them.

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