Maintaining your pet’s appearance can be difficult for any dog or cat owner. But, neglecting an animal’s skin or coat can lead to issues like severe matting, skin infections, allergic reactions and general discomfort. Good hygiene can help your cat or dog feel more comfortable, detect parasites such as fleas and ticks, and facilitate early detection of medical conditions involving the skin and coat.

Our caring and experienced pet groomers at Uinta Veterinary Services will provide your pet with 5-star treatment that includes:

  • A pedicure to keep their nails trimmed and comfortable
  • Styling ranging from light trims to full makeovers
  • Anal gland expression
  • Wash, rinse, and dry
  • A ribbon or bandana to add a little glitz
  • We offer additional services for a small fee:
    • Teeth brushing
    • Ear Flush
    • Flea and tick bath
    • Medicated shampoos
    • Hair dyes and styling

Our groomers serve each animal on an individual basis, consulting with you to create a grooming plan that suits each pet. For pets with medical concerns, our groomers will help you coordinate with one of our veterinarians for comprehensive care and treatment of skin diseases and other systemic conditions.

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